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We believe this book to be one of the best and most up-to-date introduction handbooks for any Urologist and sufferer alike. That's why we have created an Amazon link for all our members who want to really really know about their disease and any Urologist that would like to see an introduction of how one of the finest Urologists in the world treats the disease. Download the BPSA review in PDF NOW!

To purchase through the BPSA from Amazon.co.uk just click here for full details of this book. (Tip, it's only £24.95)

*Please note that purchasing with above link you are giving to the BPSA while not effecting the price you pay. This small income keeps this site and the Forum going as well as some FREE meetings.

We at the BPSA have permission to supply our members with PDF samples from the book direct from the publishers. Please feel free to download any of the following remembering to right click and choose save target as:

Front Cover :: 87kb.

Contents :: 130kb.
Pages 4-5 ::181kb.
Pages 8-9 :: 164kb.
Pages 36-37 :: 140kb.
Pages 40-41 :: 431kb.

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