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Disclaimer: The information on this Web site is posted by the British Prostatitis Support Association (BPSA). We are not doctors and do not provide medical advice. We encourage research and we do not endorse any product, doctor, clinic or treatment. The BPSA strongly encourages you to consult with your own physician regarding diagnosis of symptoms and any possible medications or treatments. You may leave the group in future at any time. Conditions of Group use: The Yahoo Groups terms and simply "Members who continue to cause offence shall be removed from the Group" We reserve the right to remove members and offer no explanations as to why they where removed. The BPSA is not responsible for the products advertised, nor for the contents of any linked sites. The information in this web site shall not be taken as a substitute for medical advice. SEE YOUR DOCTOR. The BPSA disclaims any liability for loss, injury or damage incurred as a consequence, directly or indirectly, of the use or application of the information contained herein. By using this site you accept this Disclaimer. You have no legal rights to take action against BPSA. You use the BPSA resources at your own risk!
Privacy policy: Members of the BPSA Yahoo group, need only to declare a valid email address this is a Yahoo groups initial requirement. Otherwise, you may remain anonymous from the group. Yahoo privacy policy may be seen at http://privacy.yahoo.com/ the BPSA keeps email addresses for BPSA records and organisation only and these will not be revealed to others. Postings to the Yahoo group are handled according to Yahoo groups standards. At the time of writing postings viewed via the web have email addresses concealed. Postings seen via emails individually show the originator's email address within the email header. Yahoo policies are intended to avoid spam and experience to date has been good. The BPSA occasionally has contact meetings which are reported on. The BPSA will respect the privacy of all who contact us.
*Note: Please do not ask us any medcial question when contacting us for legal reasons we cannot answer.
If you do not accept our legal notices please do not use our resources, these notices are simply here to protect the BPSA from legal action not to put anyone off using our resources.
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BPSA Fact Sheet
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