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If you can donate a small sum to the BPSA we can continue our work with greater confidence and broaden our influence. We have very little funding from our advertisers. With just a few extra pounds your group would be much better. To donate please use our contact form to contact us about donating and we can give you details on how to get a donation to us. Amounts of a few pounds make a big difference when many give! Please note this group is run by volunteers no personal gain is made from this work, all volunteers have CP/CPPS and do this work to simply help others. Your donations will be banked and ideas for spending our funds will be discussed carefully - if necessary in the forum.

Even non members may donate! If you can offer a Financial Donation (you may be a charity looking to give to a neglected disease where many are suffering) please get in touch with us. Funds are very low (almost nothing) so it would be great if you can donate some money to keep the BPSA up and running, and support this web site along with any future meetings. We receive a small amount of sponsorship, which covers basic costs at present. However, we could do a great deal more with just a little more money!

Your support helps us keep going! Cheques or Postal orders are preferred donation mediums, and again we must stress we are not making any profits from this group. We spend on this web site (built by us for free and hosting paid by sponsorship and donations) and try to offer occasional free meetings at a comfortable location.

To Donate TIME or MONEY please contact us for full details.
BPSA Fact Sheet
BPSA Fact Sheet
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