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Welcome to The British Prostatitis Support Association Web Site
The British Prostatitis Support Association (BPSA) is an internet based, UK focused, organization for information, support and campaigning related to the prostate disease of Prostatitis / Chronic Prostatitis / Male Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome / Chronic Pelvic Pain / Interstitial Cystitis, (abbreviated to CP / CPPS / IC respectively). The group is run by a few unpaid volunteers and offers support to fellow sufferers. The active member group (who run this web site) receive NO payment.
Our aims are to raise awareness of the disease within the UK, provide a forum for mutual support and information for those affected, and encourage a climate for research. Patients, friends, family, and medical professionals are all welcome.
The BPSA has over 200 members. We could do with more to boost our recognition, so why not join up if you have not joined yet, it's free. You may choose to only receive special messages. more>>
Our group communicates via an email list hosted by Yahoo Groups. On Yahoo Groups our group name is: bps-assoc. Membership is free and may be anonymous if wished.
Check out our news page on a regular basis. more>>
We would like to thank our sponsors:, Algonot, Prelief, ProstaQ and TITAN Internet and our friends at chronicprostatitis.com (#1 CPPS Web site on the net) for their continuing support and hard work for all BPSA members. We are privileged to have such outstanding groups behind us so please support our sponsors and chronicprostatitis.com. All are dedicated to alleviating suffering!
Link Exchanges: prostatitis.org, The BBC.
BPSA Fact Sheet
BPSA Fact Sheet
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