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We hope you will join and benefit from group discussions, perhaps participate? Membership is free and all with an interest are welcome: sufferers, Urologists, MD's, GP's, sufferers' family and friends and simply interested people who can offer help to our community. Please choose a method below to join us:

1. Join directly by visiting our Yahoo! Group main homepage:


Note: For this method you will need to have a yahoo ID. This can be obtained (free) from links on the above page link. This is *certainly* the method of choice. It allows you to receive emails to your chosen address, or to set to receive none at all and use your web browser to read postings when you want to. You can also search our forum by using this method.

By sending us a message with the subject request join. Using this method we will join you directly into the email list with no further action from you. You do not need to have a Yahoo ID for this, and will *not* be able to view the Group Yahoo Main Page, with its facilities and archives, or join in on live chat sessions. Note* This method is for novice internet users or those with restricted internet access. If you would like more information please contact us.

3. Or enter your e-mail address here and we will auto e-mail you full instructions on joining the BPSA Yahoo! Group.

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*Please note it is useful to fist read the FAQ page.
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