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We will publish news on this page as and when we have news, please keep in touch with our Yahoo group for updates to this page. You will always get news on our Yahoo group first so keep reading and posting!
June 2003: We have now added the ProstaQ video on to our media server, see an interview with a world famous researcher.
May 2003: David Wise, Ph.,D. and Rodney Anderson, M.D. release a new book with a new thinking; see it in our book shop. Dr. Wise kindly sent a review copy to the BPSA so we will be reviewing it shortly for you.
May 2003: Web Site version 3 Launched.
May 2003: New Independent web forum Launched. GO NOW!
April 2003:TITAN Internet host the BPSA for *free*, TITAN are one of the best hosts in the UK. Please show your appreciation to TITAN if you are looking for web hosting.
October 2002: At long last a UK national newspaper has published an article on CP/CPPS:
Sept 2002: We have reviewed Dr. Nickels new book courtesy of bladon medical publishing and given our verdict on it, if you would like to read this document in PDF then download it here. You can purchase this book at our book shop.
July 2002: Our group recently had a constructive meeting, For more information please download and view our meeting notes in PDF format. *Note you require adobe acrobat to view this document please visit our software page. For those without Adobe acrobat this document is available in text format.
BPSA Fact Sheet
BPSA Fact Sheet
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