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Many men with Chronic Prostatitis CPPS / CP /IC around the world (and women with IC) are reporting that acid reducing agents are helping their symptoms. If you find that your acid rich diet effects your symptoms then Prelief is for you.

If acidic foods like fruit jam,tomato sauce, coffee, wine, beer, colas and orange juice trigger your pelvic pain and digestive symptoms you may find that Prelief can help. Prelief takes acid out of food and is known to reduce symptoms exacerbated by acidic foods.

Prelief is available in tablets and granulate. You just take 2 tablets (or packets of granulate) with each meal, snack or beverage. Because tolerance to food varies greatly as does the acid content of food, you may need to use more Prelief than the recommended amount. Use as often as needed. Most people will see results immediately. For more information on acidic foods, please go to: www.prelief.com

Prelief is fast becoming the accepted dietary management for many people who have problems eating some very common foods, like pizza, tomato sauce, orange juice, coffee, wine and others. These foods are highly acidic and may make the eater profoundly uncomfortable; they may trigger bladder pain, urinary urgency, bowel distress and heartburn for some.

At the 2002 American Urological Association (AUA) convention in Florida confirmation was received from urologists that Prelief has been effective in reducing pain and urgency in their patients with prostatitis. Formal clinical studies are underway.

Studies support Prelief’s efficiency in reducing bladder pain and urinary urgency when used in the diets of interstitial cystitis (IC) sufferers. Please follow the link below to view: Prelief Studies. Many physicians now believe, as noted at the recent AUA, that Prostatitis and IC (a Cystitis condition similar to Prostatitis) are related.

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