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ProstaQ is the *original* Quercetin based supplement for control of Prostatitis symptoms. ProstaQ however is not just Quercetin it is an *all round* formula for good Prostrate health! ProstaQ was developed by Dr Daniel Shoskes a leading Prostatitis specialist and researcher who found this product to be very useful in giving his patients some relief of their symptoms. A paper has been published which includes statistics on how patients that took part found ProstaQ. It remains the only scientifically proven Quercetin based supplement for relief of CPPS symptoms. This is why many men that use the copy cat products do not get the same relief because they mostly do not have the manufacturing methods of ProstaQ or the purity in content of each special ingredient. Many UK men are using this product which is only available in the US, simply by purchasing on-line. A great value product for good prostate health! For much more information and a full breakdown on what ProstaQ is and why you may consider trying it please visit the ProstaQ web site. A very interesting post from Doctor Jordan Dimitrakov.

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