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Many men with CPPS/IC (Prostatitis) are reporting success in symptom reduction, from using Algonot Plus or ProstaProtek regularly. ProstaProtek being a *new* formula from Algonot that takes the original formula one step further for men with CPPS specifically! Available to order now directly from Algonot. Which one you may ask should I use? The ProstaProtek Formula is for Prostatitis but as the base of this new formula is Algonot Plus both are effective but ProstaProtek is the formula mixed for CPPS/IC (Prostatitis) sufferers. An ingredient list and information is available via our compassion chart.

:: NEW: Algonot are offering a starter pack at a discounted rate.
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:: Please view our Comparison chart for ingredient information.

Algonot LLC recommends an uninterrupted 90 day program to determine individual results. As inflammatory diseases take years to develop, it takes time to reverse the damage done to the body. It can take up to 90 days for Algonot products to offer you relief from your symptoms. A starter pack is available.

ProstaProtek(R) is the result of years of research into Interstitial cystitis by Theoharis Theoharides, MD, PhD. Dr. Theoharides is a professor of Pharmacology, Internal Medicine and Bio Chemistry in Boston. Algonot LLC is a corporation dedicated to combining scientific investigation with natural healing. An outstanding team of prominent physicians and scientists from Ivy league universities form it's advisory board. With rigorous oversight our board helps ensure your trust and complete satisfaction with all Algonot Plus (R) products.More information is available on the Algonot Plus product range: official web site.

If you are allergic to eggs, fish or olive oil you should consult your doctor about ProstaProtek(TM). All ingredients are derived from natural sources. *Please read our disclaimer.

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