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These are the BPSA frequently asked questions, and are not for the general aspects of Yahoo! Groups, which may be found here: http://help.yahoo.com/help/uk/groups/. However if you can't find an answer to your question simply contact us.

Q. Who runs the BPSA?
A. The BPSA is run by a small committee of active volunteers whom receive no payment for their services.

Q. Why go to the trouble of getting a Yahoo ID?
A.  This is useful and is our recommended method because it gives you access to our Group Main (web) Page. Archive postings, preferences settings, group activities such as on-line live chats, polls and much more... are all available from the Main Page. The Preferences settings include letting you set message delivery mode - email, or no email. Yahoo! ID's are free. (You also get a good webmail facility on the same ID).

Q. I feel like I receive spam but I want to be a member. I am going to unsubscribe!
A.  WAIT STOP! Hang on a minute - check your preferences page by going to the group's Main Page at http://uk.groups.yahoo.com/group/bps-assoc/ and using 'Edit My Membership' to change 'Message Delivery' to 'No email' This way you are still a member. Preferences page is a *must* for all new members to set-up correctly.

Q. I think a post has been made that abuses me personally and has not been removed?

A.  Our Forum is not 'moderated' - that is, postings are not reviewed or censored before they appear. However, the conditions of Group use are the Yahoo Groups terms, and "Members who continue to cause offence shall be removed from the Group". Offensive posts will be removed from the site as soon as possible after we become aware of them. Please note that emails of postings would have been previously distributed, and cannot be recalled.

BPSA Fact Sheet
BPSA Fact Sheet
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